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Super Pro Steer Rope by Rowdy Rowels.

Super Pro Steer Rope by Rowdy Rowels.

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Unmatched Durability and Performance

Step into the world of rodeo with the Super Pro Steer Rope by Rowdy Rowels. This highly durable steer rope is perfect for beginners and professionals alike, promising unmatched performance with its superior construction. Made from high-quality materials, it ensures longevity, delivering consistent performance for up to 1000lbs.

  • It's 14ft in length, providing ample room for training and competing.

  • Full leather laced handle enhances grip and control.

  • Comes with a heavy laced block and riser, reinforcing durability.

Comfort and Customization

The Rowdy Rowels Super Steer Rope goes the extra mile to ensure optimal user experience with tailored design elements.

  • The handhold spans 9" in length and has a width of 6/8", excellently customized for the human hand's size.

  • The block is 1 3/4" wide, allowing for easy rotation and maneuverability.

  • Features 2 sliding nylon keepers, ensuring the rope stays organized and tangle-free.

  • Available in right or left-hand options, embodying customization.

Superior Measurements for Practical Use

The thoughtful design ensures that the SuperPro Steer Rope is practical for use, with measurements that enhance functionality.

  • The tail measures 6/8" in width and 8" in length, providing great swing and control.

  • The total length of the rope, including the knot, is 13' 6", ensuring that it is long enough for any steer roping needs.

  • The rope diameter is approximately 1/2", thick enough to ensure a firm grip but thin enough to be manageable.

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